The Group concluded that President Daniel Ortega, Vice President Rosario Murillo, agents and public officials of various agencies and structures of the Government, and non-State actors participated, and continue to participate as of the date of writing of this report, in serious and systematic human rights violations and abuses against a sector of the Nicaraguan population, including extrajudicial executions, arbitrary detentions, torture, and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, arbitrary deprivation of nationality, and violations of the right to remain in one’s own country, as well as violations of the right to participate in public affairs and the freedoms of expression, opinion, association, assembly, conscience, and religion.

The Group concluded that such violations and abuses, being prohibited acts, constitute a systematic and generalized attack against a civilian population through a discriminatory policy that includes the commission of human rights violations and crimes under international law and that have not only resulted in the destruction of the civic and democratic space in Nicaragua, but verified in all their elements, also allow to affirm that crimes against humanity were perpetrated.

The extended report prepared by the GHREN contains detailed recommendations on measures that should be taken by the State of Nicaragua and the international community to address the documented violations, abuses, and crimes.

The Group highlights the following key recommendations to the Government of Nicaragua:

a) Immediately release all individuals arbitrarily deprived of their liberty.

b) Immediately cease politically motivated persecution, including through criminalization and arbitrary detention, arbitrary deprivation of nationality, and forced deportation

c) Undertake thorough, independent, and transparent investigations of documented violations, abuses, and crimes to hold those involved in their commission accountable, including those with the highest levels of responsibility.

d) Guarantee full reparation, redress, and non-repetition, and the right of victims to know the truth.

e) Implement legislative and public policy measures in order to guarantee democratic principles and the separation of the Executive, Legislative, Electoral, and Judicial Branches of Government.

The Group recommends that the international community:

a) Initiate legal action against individuals responsible for the violations, abuses, and crimes documented, in accordance with domestic legislation.

b) Extend sanctions to institutions and individuals involved in the commission of violations and crimes under international law.

c) When negotiating development cooperation and investment projects in Nicaragua, governments and multilateral organizations should include human rights guarantees, and prioritize actions aimed at improving the situation in Nicaragua.

…continue to carry out, as of the date of writing this report, serious and systematic violations and abuses of human rights against a sector of the Nicaraguan population…