The GHREN has reasonable grounds to believe that in the Republic of Nicaragua since April 2018 and up to the time of writing this report, a widespread and systematic attack has been directed against a part of the Nicaraguan population. This attack has been implemented through various prohibited or inhumane means and methods that have been developed and further expanded over time. Far from having ceased, this attack continues to be perpetuated. The GHREN also concluded that the violations, abuses, and crimes documented in this report were committed intentionally as part of this attack, and that the material and intellectual authors knew of the attack and that their acts were part of it.

This is consistent with the elements that constitute the framework for the international prohibition and the international criminal definition of crimes against humanity. The crimes against humanity committed in Nicaragua include murder, imprisonment, torture, deportation, rape, and other forms of sexual violence of comparable gravity. The GHREN has reasonable grounds to believe that these crimes against humanity were committed in the context of a discriminatory policy, intentionally orchestrated by the highest echelons of the Government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, against part of the population of Nicaragua, for political reasons, constituting prima facie, the crime against humanity of persecution.